Importance of Having Press and an Online Presence

The importance of having an online presence is best explained by the danger of having a one-sided story. An online presence gives us the chance to share our truth. Both individuals and businesses are considered brands on the internet and so taking charge of your narrative is necessary.

Research done by Salesforce survey indicates that 85% of consumers search for products and reviews online before purchasing. Also, more than half the people you meet will later search for you on social media or Google. That shows that brands need to control what consumers will find when they hit the search button.

A press release is an official message issued by a brand to the media for public consumption. Brands do this to alert the public of new products, release dates for collections, and a myriad of other reasons. The president does it, celebrities do it, and so should your business. It is a move that enables brands to take charge of their narrative. 

Traditionally press releases were done via journalists on tv and other press media, and mostly for damage control. Today, we have extra avenues on social media platforms, and press releases can be done for more exciting news for brands. Ivy Park, Beyonce’s brand, has always announced their release dates on Instagram. Same to Fenty Beauty by Rihanna. Both million-dollar companies are endorsed by trendy celebrities and have had great successes. What is stopping your brand from following suit?

It is smart to take advantage of the many platforms available now to make a press release. Sharing your news with journalists, and all social media platforms are great for consistency. This also gives brands access to a bigger audience and creates a buzz that can be capitalized on to bring mega sales.

Strategic keyword placement partnered with great timing are important factors to make a successful press release. The statement needs to have relevant content that’s attractive to the audience and has SEO.  SEO cannot be underestimated given there are 63000 searches on Google every second. Your statement, therefore, needs to find a way to make it to the top.

A press release with SEO will improve digital presence and provide the opportunity for businesses to connect to a wider audience and translate to sales. It is also an opportunity to tell your story and control your narrative in a world driven by fake news. There is also no limitation as to how many press releases one can have. Choose to partake as many as possible to stay relevant.

Consistency of information across all your platforms, website, and social media, adds a great buzz that will increase chances to get your brand verified. The ultimate win for any brand on social media is verification. That badge on an account is a mark of trust, reliability, and truth!

Powerlikes and Comments for the win on Instagram

Instagram has shifted lanes from the sidelines to the speedy highway in the past decade.
When it started in 2010 the focus was to replace the traditional photo album by digitizing it.
That album was then meant to become visible to the world and enhance interaction.

In 2022, we would easily describe Instagram as a business platform. Businesses, both small
and big, are here to gain visibility and convert followers and likes to sales.

Where do you start when you have no followers or likes? It becomes very frustrating after
convincing all your friends and family to come on board your journey because their numbers
are not that huge. Instagram is a game of numbers, and the bigger your numbers, the better
your paycheck.

Social media is very competitive, and to grow fast, you need help to tackle the algorithm.
When it comes especially to business, the fast fish are the winners.

We help you grow your Instagram account by propelling likes and follows your way.
Powerlikes are potent in creating a significant push towards growing your account.

Psychology shows that people love what is already loved. The more likes a post has, the
more attractive it gets to more people. The Instagram algorithm is tailored on this basis as

What are powerlikes? Powerlikes are autogenerated likes, created by a system where a
group of people who follow influencers on Instagram is identified and together, in large
numbers, directed towards your post to show it some love.

When a post goes live, the powerlikes occur in 15 minutes. It is a fast and furious process.
The main advantage of powerlikes is increasing your chances to land your post on the
explore page, and the post can go viral!

Where do I get these likes and followers? Caviar social has the network capacity you need
to gain these factors. We get you real followers, real likes and propel your account to 100k +

The followers you gain on your account must be real Instagram users and not just robots
behind a screen. This helps in building interactions and growing your business account. We
ensure your post gets comments from real users.

Comments and likes from real users are great at making your existing community interact.
John comments about Doe, then Dick sends a laughing emoji, and the cycle continues.

Giveaway Slots to gain 100k+ followers
Giveaways on Instagram are another way to gain followers. People are easily attracted to
gifts and will do anything to join the contest.

Business accounts propose a gift and set conditions for the winner, including; following the
business account, liking their post, and sharing the post. The end goal is to delight current
followers and gain new ones that you can convert to buyers.

CAVIAR Social comes in to ensure you have more slots to offer so that more people join the
bandwagon and follow you. Since the master rule of the giveaway is to follow the account,
we ensure you get a tonne of follows from the giveaway.

With CAVIAR Social, you cannot dream small, it’s a big numbers game here. Instead of 500
new followers from your giveaway, target 100k instead. The end goal is to have your
investment cash in a bigger return, and we help you gain that.

Buy Forbes Press Release to Increase Website Traffic and Sales

Why Buy a Press Release from Forbes? You get exposure to 300+ journalists and editors.

You can get verified on Instagram when you Buy a Forbes Press Release

Getting featured on Fortune500 and other company websites is an easy way to get verified on social media. Verified accounts that are considered trustworthy and have been determined to be high-quality, newsworthy sources of information. Getting featured on these websites can increase the number of followers, likes, and shares online.

It can generate sales and leads

Press, in general, is a major contributor to the growth of sales and leads. Press is an integral part of marketing. The right kind of press can help grow your business exponentially by getting the word out about your brand or product to an entirely new audience. Press releases can be given to both online and offline publications. As well as entities that are not necessarily journalistic in nature, such as industry organizations.

Your message is in front of your target audience

You can easily share different news pieces and articles when you’re featured online. Our PR blast service will get you onto a minimum of 300+ websites and links, which is great for branding, SEO, and verification.

It’s affordable and simple to do

As an individual or company, you want to make sure that your content is as compelling and engaging as it can be. Our PR service is 100% run by our team, and you will not have to write anything. We can write all your press and distribute it for you. For a limited time, you can get 300+ press releases per month for just $197 from $2,000! Click here to order our monthly PR service, as a client you will also get discounts for Forbes and other top-level PR sites such as Yahoo!, Bloomberg, Entrepreneur, and many more!

Forbes is an exclusive website

Many companies and individuals strive to be featured on Forbes. It took Kylie Jenner 1B dollars to eventually be featured on their press. If you want a discount on getting featured on Forbes, become a client and gain access to Buy a Forbes Press Release.

How to Get More Social Media Followers in Toronto

The Different Ways You Can Get More Social Media Followers in Toronto

1. Try Instagram for Business Accounts​ ​ ​— this is the fastest and easiest way to get more followers. However, this is only the case if you have a quality and consistent feed on Instagram that keeps your followers interested. If not, you may want to check out other options below.

2. Place Ads on Facebook — most people don’t know about the power of Facebook ads but they can be an invaluable tool for both getting new followers as well as increasing conversion rates for a business account on Instagram or any social media.

Why should you want more Toronto followers?

If you are a local Toronto business, then definitely you would want local Toronto followers!

Many people think that it’s too difficult to get more Toronto followers on social media, but there are a lot of ways to do it.

1. Create and post engaging content: It can be something as simple as sharing your latest blog post or the content that you created for social media marketing purposes. Use Toronto hashtags, geotags and make sure that you’re creating quality content – this will help keep your followers engaged with your posts and make them want to continue following you in the future.

2. Share other people’s content: There are tons of accounts on social media specifically designed for sharing other people’s content – if you find Toronto accounts sharing relevant content, make sure to repost it to your story and other parts of your profile! For example, a Toronto restaurant should share their customer’s food reviews and pictures on their Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and TikTok!

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing (SMM) is the process of using social networks, multimedia platforms, and web-based technologies to promote a product or service.

Social media has been a powerful tool for businesses small and large to grow their customer base. This is because social media marketing provides companies with the opportunity to engage in two-way communication with customers.

Why Social Media Marketing is Important for Small Businesses

Marketing is crucial for any business, and social media marketing is a way to reach customers in a different, more up-to-date manner. It allows them to build relationships with their clients and potential clients, to better promote their products.

Small businesses often find it difficult to compete with larger companies when it comes to marketing because they don’t have the same budgets available. However, social media networks allow them to connect with their target audience in a freeway that other marketing methods don’t offer.

3 Ways to Build a Stronger Presence on Social Media

Social media has become a powerful tool for businesses looking to attract new customers. It is important to remember that there are no one-size-fits all social media strategy.

There are many different ways to build a strong presence on social media. You can do this by using various techniques such as: starting conversations with your customers, responding to customer comments, and promoting events, products, or services.

How to Grow Your Audience on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

If you want to increase your audience on social media platforms, there are two ways you can do this. First, you could either ruin your account by buying fake followers… or you could also try the organic and natural way of gaining followers.

There are a number of different tactics that one could employ for growing their Facebook and Instagram following organically such as running giveaways or using hashtags in a clever way. However, these tactics are not guaranteed to work unless you know what you are doing, or are working with a professional Toronto social media agency.

CAVIAR Social grows your Toronto Instagram and Social Media Followers

CAVIAR Social is a Toronto-based social media and digital marketing agency. In today’s competitive world, it’s more important than ever to have a strong social media presence. We believe that our clients deserve the best, so we offer them our most innovative services with the highest quality.

Our goal is to help businesses of any size grow their customer base and make more money online by using Instagram and Social Media marketing strategies to grow their online presence in a natural way.

Conclusion: Best Practices for Successful Social Media Marketing

Using your business accounts, premium content and ads will help grow your online presence and business. However, it may be overwhelming for most business owners to handle all of this, while conducting their own business. That is why many Toronto businesses are choosing CAVIAR Social as their main digital marketing agency. Contact us to see if we can be a fit for your team



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