Money-back Guarantee.

You will also get a Wikipedia page, high-end PR features and a Google Knowledge Panel.


Writing Included

All our CAVIAR plans include expert PR writers that will ensure your brand/person gets featured in the best spotlight possible.

SEO & Trust

Along your blue tick, but you will get a bunch of high DA backlinks and a Google Knowledge Panel for your website.

Full Refund

If you’re not verified on our moneyback guaranteed VIP plans, you will keep the work and get a full refund back.

Amaze Everyone

Verified users and brands are rare on social media. A blue-tick and Wikipedia sets yourself apart in this highly competitive world!

Verification Packages

All packages are one-time payments, in Canadian dollars, paid securely through Square.


What is the payment policy?

Payment is done via credit card on Square, which is as if not more secure than Stripe and Paypal.

How does it work?

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter require brand/person features on high authoritative websites, such as Yahoo!, Google, Forbes, Entrepreneur and more.

These sites are harder to get on than lesser known blogs, therefore the credibility is great for being verified.

Depending on your plan, you will also get a money back guarantee if you do not get your blue tick.

What results can I expect?

You can expect to see your brand/person featured on hundreds of websites, including high end press.

To add credibility, our team will create an “as seen on” banner for your website/social included for free.

Finally, you can expect to get verified within a few weeks of being featured.

How long does it take?

You can expect to get verified within a few weeks of being featured.

Why is it so expensive to be verified?

Any site that is charges less than 5,000-20,000 USD is most likely a scam, you should also be careful of unknown sellers.
Our agency has been doing press and social media management for over 7 years and you can take a look at our verified clientele.

Finally, some websites on Google are selling verification for just hundreds of dollars, we tested them all out, they’re scams and get you crappy press.
With CAVIAR Social, you can opt in for a money back guarantee, and you get to keep the press, Wikipedia and Yahoo, Forbes/Entrepreneur/Bloomberg interviews and articles.

Remember, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. If verification was easy and cheap, everyone would be verified, and it would be a worthless blue tick.

How much is Canadian Dollars to USD?

Because our agency is Canadian, you save money if you are paying in USD.

Here is a converter you can use, or use Google.

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