VIRAL Instagram Growth

Gain 10,000+ followers a month, using the power of viral celebrities and influencers.

LUXE Plan Celebrities

How It Works

1. Choose Plan

You have the flexibility to choose a monthly campaign that matches your needs and budget.

2. Target Form

This form will help us get you more targeted followers interested in your page and brand.

3. Viral Magic

Our celebrities and influencers will promote your page and get you real growth and followers quickly.

4. Enjoy Growth

High-five! Enjoy your massively and monthly improved branding, selling power, and audience size!



How does it work?

1- Instead of working with a celebrity or influencer yourself, which may cost you 10,000 – 100,000+ dollars, we sell multiple slot campaigns, so you pay a fraction of the price.
2- After a contract is created, we are allowed a limited amount of client slots, we always max and sell out.
3- Finally, on the giveaway day, our celebrity will showcase the prizes on their page and tell everyone the instructions.
4- If you ordered a slot, you will be one of the “must follow” users in order for someone to win a prize.
6- As you can imagine, even if a small percentage of their followers end up following you, you get insane growth!

Is there a guarantee?

Yes, there is a guarantee listed for each campaign. This is usually a range of what you can expect.

If you do not get the minimum amount, we will either:
– Refund you the portion missing (prorated)
– Add you to an other smaller giveaway until you get the guaranteed amount

It's so expensive!

With CAVIAR, you are paying 20-50 times less than what you would pay doing a giveaway with a celebrity yourself.
This does not even include the prizes, we handle everything for you.
It’s also very hard to negotiate with these celebrities, as you need an inside source to their management.

Finally, the growth increases your selling power and branding.
As a brand, more customers will trust you if you have a higher following (with real people, not fake accounts).
As an influencer, you can charge $200-400 more for every 10k followers you gain, plus more opportunities open up!

Can't I just give the prizes away myself?

Sure you can try it out, but you will not get the number of followers you would working with big pages.

Don't people just unfollow later?

There could be a small percentage of drop after the giveaway, this is normal for any organic service, since you are getting real followers.

Ways to minimize the amount of unfollows:
– Post amazing and engaging content
– Continue current marketing services / CAVIAR Management, to reduce the bleed

However, the drop should not be more than 5-10%.

What do I have to do?

Just order a giveaway you like! That is it.
No need to even post anything. You can even be a private profile!
We will take care of the rest and ensure your slot in the campaign.



Make your dreams come true.