March 20, 2022 Frank

Importance of Having Press and an Online Presence

The importance of having an online presence is best explained by the danger of having a one-sided story. An online presence gives us the chance to share our truth. Both individuals and businesses are considered brands on the internet and so taking charge of your narrative is necessary.

Research done by Salesforce survey indicates that 85% of consumers search for products and reviews online before purchasing. Also, more than half the people you meet will later search for you on social media or Google. That shows that brands need to control what consumers will find when they hit the search button.

A press release is an official message issued by a brand to the media for public consumption. Brands do this to alert the public of new products, release dates for collections, and a myriad of other reasons. The president does it, celebrities do it, and so should your business. It is a move that enables brands to take charge of their narrative. 

Traditionally press releases were done via journalists on tv and other press media, and mostly for damage control. Today, we have extra avenues on social media platforms, and press releases can be done for more exciting news for brands. Ivy Park, Beyonce’s brand, has always announced their release dates on Instagram. Same to Fenty Beauty by Rihanna. Both million-dollar companies are endorsed by trendy celebrities and have had great successes. What is stopping your brand from following suit?

It is smart to take advantage of the many platforms available now to make a press release. Sharing your news with journalists, and all social media platforms are great for consistency. This also gives brands access to a bigger audience and creates a buzz that can be capitalized on to bring mega sales.

Strategic keyword placement partnered with great timing are important factors to make a successful press release. The statement needs to have relevant content that’s attractive to the audience and has SEO.  SEO cannot be underestimated given there are 63000 searches on Google every second. Your statement, therefore, needs to find a way to make it to the top.

A press release with SEO will improve digital presence and provide the opportunity for businesses to connect to a wider audience and translate to sales. It is also an opportunity to tell your story and control your narrative in a world driven by fake news. There is also no limitation as to how many press releases one can have. Choose to partake as many as possible to stay relevant.

Consistency of information across all your platforms, website, and social media, adds a great buzz that will increase chances to get your brand verified. The ultimate win for any brand on social media is verification. That badge on an account is a mark of trust, reliability, and truth!



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