Instagram DM Blast

You have a business. You want to grow it. And you need targeted Instagram users. We can help!
Choose the type of audience, the number of messages – and leave the rest to us.
We will send out your offer, coupon, message, or influencer search, so you can have an unfair advantage over your competitors.


Quick DMs

You can send 20-50 max DMs per day by yourself, we can help you send 50,000+ a day.


We have multiple partners that send out the DMs to ensure smooth sending experience.

Make Money

You pay less than a penny per person contacted, therefore you can make amazing ROI.


You can use this service to grow sales, followers and even get influencers/ambassadors.

Instagram DM Blast Pricing

One-time payments, in Canadian dollars, paid securely through Square.


What is the payment policy?

Payment is done via credit card on Square, which is as if not more secure than Stripe and Paypal.

Do you need my login?

No, everything is done externally and is 100% safe.

What results can I expect?

It depends on your message, targeting, your profile/content, and your offer.

Free offers, or ambassador searching gets the best results, since there is little friction for the user to continue.

Paid offers especially high ticket items are harder to sell directly, therefore you need to be creative in nurturing your leads.

Depending on the package chosen, we can help you create a converting offer and message.

How does it work?

After the payment you will send us your targets and your messaging.

Then, we will match you with one of our sending third-party companies that will send out your message.

Can I get this elsewhere for cheaper?

Yes, there are many cheap services online, but the results will also be cheap.

For example, the accounts sending the DMs might be crappy, or they will lie about the amount they are sending.

Also, this is not a spam service, so you will save money (we will not message the same person twice).

Is there proof of sending messages?

Yes, we can send video, and screenshot proof, of the amount of messages sent, and examples.

Plus upon request you can ask to see the list of users contacted.

How much is Canadian Dollars to USD?

Because our agency is Canadian, you save money if you are paying in USD.

Here is a converter you can use, or use Google.

I have another question not listed here...

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We are here to help.