Chloe Shields

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Case Study

Organic Growth & Viral Campaigns

Chloe brought a common project inquiry to CAVIAR’s attention.

She required social media growth, engagement and also outreach for new client wins.

Promptly, she was able to gain thousands of real followers through CAVIAR organic services.

Her sales increased for her AR company, as direct messages were sent to targeted users.

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Social Growth

Local and organic growth for Chloe’s social platforms.

Post Management

Premium post management and consulting.

Increased Sales

Chloe gained high-end clients for her AR-filter company.

“CAVIAR’s social media strategy and the solution had an almost immediate impact on my brand. They were able to increase the engagement in record time. This resulted in a high-value client win within the first three weeks of working with them. Meanwhile, getting booked for Instagram campaigns as an influencer! They understood what I need to monetize Instagram and built a custom campaign perfect for me that reached a large percentage of my potential client base with minimal effort on my part—leaving me free to focus on the core business. I highly recommend CAVIAR – Hire if you are looking to build your online presence and social media platforms aggressively – all at a very reasonable price.”

Chloe Shields
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