Real Estate Social Media Growth

Use this 5-step strategy to take your realtor Instagram growth to the next level.

Social media is a gold mine for entrepreneurs and businesses. Realtor Instagram growth does not have to be hard. You can use these methods yourself to help.
As an agency, we make real estate social media growth easy for you, and we get the best prices for our clients when it comes to ads and services.

1. Get Featured on Press

It’s important to create a public image. Our team recommends PR because it can get you verified on social media (celebrity status). Another reason is because of SEO, the more links and renowned websites that talk about you, the higher you show up on searches! Finally, who doesn’t want to hire a realtor that has been featured on sites like Forbes, Bloomberg, Entrepreneur, and Business Insider? We create your featured on banners, which is a perfect trust seal to add to your website and prints.. Also, this is an excellent realtor Instagram growth technique, since you can say “as featured on” in your Instagram bio and posts.

2. Grow Your Local Leads

We suggest you engage with 100-200 local people per day to gain followers and leads. You can do this by searching local places, hashtags, and even competitor’s followers on social media. The CAVIAR team can do this for you, bringing you in super organic leads and local followers! Our exclusive methods get you the best follow-back rates, plus we handle unfollowing and direct messaging! Real estate social media growth is easy when you work with a team that specializes in organic and targeted traffic.

3. Leverage Celebrities

Want to become a local celebrity or a big realtor influencer? This realtor Instagram growth technique is the fastest way to get legit followers. You will need to utilize viral models, musicians, and influencers to grow. We have done campaigns with Kevin Hart, Kylie Jenner, and many others. Some of these ads can easily cost you more than $20,000+ if you were to go about it yourself. Luckily, you can be a sponsor of our celebrity giveaways to split the price with other entrepreneurs. This is a great real estate social media growth technique, as people will trust you more when you have a larger following. (stay away from fake followers though) Our campaigns get you anywhere from 5,000 – 50,000+ real followers per month and start at $499, rather than $10,000+!

4. Use Powerful Ad Techniques

Ads are great but can be expensive. As Facebook Partners and a billboard agency, we can get you the best price/lead. We also utilize ad techniques to get you super inexpensive followers! The more methods of growth, the better. Plus, it’s proven paying Facebook helps your algorithm on Instagram… We also design digital billboards and display them all over your chosen city. Since we are digital, we can work with most budgets!

5. Tip-top Content

Instagram is a purely visual social media platform. The best pages have distinct themes and top-quality posts. Realtors are notorious for using pre-canned posts filled with contact info! Your bio is great for that, it does not need to be watermarked on your photo. An important realtor Instagram growth technique is using different hashtags on each post. Our team provides top-quality content design, captioning, hashtagging, and scheduling.

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