Real Estate Social Media Management

The Most Complete Marketing Package for REALTORS® and Real Estate Agents.

Comparing Real Estate Marketing Packages


  • No Community Outreach
  • Cookie-cutter Content
  • Too Much Focus/Spend on Ads
  • Negative ROI


  • Emphasis on Local Community Outreach
  • Premium Content and Engagement Boosting
  • Premium Search Engine Optimization and Press
  • Positive ROI; service ends up being "free"

Start Your Real Estate Social Media Marketing

Four easy steps to begin:

1. Choose Plan

You have the flexibility to choose a monthly campaign that matches your needs and budget.

2. Target Form

This form will help us get you more targeted followers interested in your page and brand.

3. Viral Magic

We will directly grow your page on an actual phone and use a combination of organic services to grow your page.

4. Enjoy Growth

High-five! Enjoy your massively and consistently improved branding, leads/sales, and audience size!

CAVIAR Social Real Estate Marketing Packages

Gain real targeted users and leads. Daily management, 7 days a week.

No Contracts, 100% Real Followers, Cancel Anytime.


Why CAVIAR Social Real Estate Social Media Marketing?

Industry-leading services, client support and:

  • Community Outreach
    Local engagement and growth on all your social platforms.
  • DM Management
    Our team will contact new leads and start the conversation.
  • Viral Growth Campaigns
    Unlimited growth, by leveraging celebrities and viral pages.
  • Ads Management
    Further increasing local leads with proprietary ad strategies.
  • SEO & Google Ranking
    Increase your local Google search rankings to gain surefire leads.
  • PR & Billboards
    Gain the spotlight on your real estate career.

Book a Discovery Call

Let’s chat about your real estate marketing.

Real Estate Social Media Marketing Stats

  • 92% of buyers use the internet to find their home.
  • 78% of sellers check social profiles before a listing.
  • Clients prefer finding their agent organically.
  • More local followers = more potential leads and clients.
  • Real engagement increases branding and trust.
  • PR increases backlinks and domain authority.
  • SEO saves you money on Google and search engines.
  • 41% of sellers found their real estate agent through referrals.


What are the methods used?

Depending on your package, our organic methods include:

  • Engaging with your target audience with your page, or with external accounts
  • DMing users through your page, such as new followers, and/or with external accounts
  • Viral Giveaway Growth Campaigns, which get you real followers very effectively and quickly
  • Powerlikes and Comments which come from real viral/verified users, that help rank your posts
  • Content Management, Hashtag Research, Scheduling for consistent organic growth strategy
  • Ads Management, as Facebook Agency Partners, we get the best price per click for our clients

And many more…

Is there a guarantee?

Yes, there are guarantees or expected amount of growth depending on the viral campaigns.
The amounts in the price table are an estimate based on the average client.
Actual growth depends on many factors, such as content and the target audience.

Why are these plans expensive?

These bundles have amazing value for the price; cost is different than price, let us explain:
You can hire a “manager” on Fiverr, Freelancer, or another site for cheap, but the results you get will also be cheap.
It would cost you more, as you are missing out on real growth and profits!
With CAVIAR, our clients actually make more money through us than ads, because we only use the best methods that worked for ourselves.

Still not convinced?
Our growth campaigns include daily growth for a minimum of 4 hours or depending on the package, 10+.
We also do viral campaigns for you, often through big influencers, verified users and celebrities.
CAVIAR takes care of paying for the prizes and negotiating with the influencers.

There is a lot of value packaged into these monthly programs since we bundle them together.
It only takes one month to notice better ROI than ads or any other “social media manager” you hired before!

Finally, the growth increases your selling power and branding.
As a brand, you will close more sales with a higher following (with real people, not fake accounts), plus will rank higher than competitors.

Is there a contract?

No contracts, you can cancel at any time.

Will it work for my page/brand/business?

Our methods work for every page, and the better your content and target audience, the more growth you will see.

CAVIAR Social provides targeting that exceeds that of ads.
This is because ads do not directly target specific hashtags or competitor followers, but we do.

Can I get a better deal or long term pricing?

We do offer long-term discounts on the pricing table.

CAVIAR Social real estate social media marketing service are:

Affordable and increase business and generates profits. All-inclusive packages, no need to hire other agencies. Amazing ROI and trackable organic growth. One of the top real estate marketing companies in the world. Be proud to hire the best social media and marketing team for realtors! Our team will increase your engagement and leads for a fraction of the price of other agencies.

Your Very Own Real Estate Marketing Expert and Team

As low as $297 a month, you are getting a marketing expert by your side. CAVIAR Social offers the best real estate marketing and client support on the market. As a client, you can reach out to us at any time for help and support. On the higher plans, you get management on all platforms, real estate SEO, and press releases. There are no packages online that offer these premium services in a bundle on a monthly basis!



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