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Add or update your target audience for social media management, lead generation, email marketing, and all other services with CAVIAR SOCIAL.

Account Security and Precautions
Our team at CAVIAR is proud to say we have never gotten an account hacked, lost, or stolen. Your account security is our top priority. We have the following policies in place to keep the accounts safe:

  • Secure IP Address – you get your own private 5G Mobile Network
  • Password Protocols (see below)
  • Secure Forms, HTTP(S) and Email

Password Protocol

If it is your first time with CAVIAR, please follow these steps to ensure your account’s safety:

  1. Change your current password to a new but complex password.
  2. Note the time and date, old and new passwords on paper.
  3. Make sure your email address and phone are attached to socials.
  4. Disable 2-factor if enabled, as it makes daily logins hard to coordinate.
  5. You are ready to begin management, only trust and [email protected] and

Login Procedure:

  1. Contact us for your preferred login time
  2. Once contacted by our manager, please exit the social media app
  3. Manager will then attempt to login, you will get a code from IG or other social in your email.
  4. Send this code to the manager only at [email protected] or by text msg.
  5. Once the manager confirms the login, you can use resume using socials!

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