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The Power of Luxury Viral Marketing for Plastic Surgeons and Beauty Clinics

Take your personal and professional brand to new heights, and have and endless supply of beauty and cosmetic clients.

Facelift your brand with our 3 agencies.

Plastic surgeons Dr. Miami and Dr. Nazarian have worked with our boutique agency to take their personal and professional marketing to the next level. They have appeared in countless articles, tv shows, news outlets, and celebrity social media pages. The secret behind their success is viral marketing and the TriFire™ method from Firebird Viral.

You too can go viral and have your brand work for you. It takes a few months to a year to work with a highly specialized team of marketing experts.

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The TriFire™ Method

CAVIAR Social is a marketing group that also includes Firebird Viral and Search Lotus. The TriFire method from Firebird Viral includes 3 facets of viral marketing. This includes crowdsourced celebrity campaigns to get hundreds of thousands of real followers on your social media, and up to a million plus a year depending on the slot tier you choose. The second facet is viral lead generation deployed by CAVIAR Social which gets you hundreds of clients with a fraction of your current marketing spend and grows your brand at the same time. And finally, the final holistic approach is adding high-end top-10 media press releases, blog posts and other SEO factors to get you top of search at all times.

With these 3 agencies and services working in tandem, your plastic surgery and cosmetic business will surpass local competitors and will no longer need marketing. Our goal is to make you viral, so you no longer need our marketing services. After you have gotten your personal and business brand viral, you will achieve organic leads, media opportunities, and celebrity endorsements.

Plastic Surgeon Marketing

With our three agencies, you will be featured by mega influencers.

Creating a Buzz: How to Make Your Beauty Clinic Go Viral

Firstly, contact us to see if we are a fit for your brand or business. We have limited slots available for the beauty industry as the demand is very hard for beauty influencers and celebrities. Our marketing group only accepts 20-30 brands and businesses per tier, and some clinics bring in multiple doctors and businesses into our group. Therefore, it’s important to lock in your slot, and that way you will guarantee your viral growth. In fact, we guarantee your viral growth or your money back on our annual slots. Therefore, if you go for our Diamond plan, you WILL get 1,200,000+ real followers on social media, and press on websites such as Forbes, GQ, and other top 10 media, or your money back!

Go viral with CAVIAR Social

We guarantee you 1.2M+ followers or your money back.

Complimentary Consultation

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