Modern Web Design

CAVIAR Social will help you create and maintain your dream website. From design, to products and payment processing, we have you covered.


Fully Customizable

Get the perfect website for your brand, with complete control over every aspect of the design process. We’ll guide you every step of the way to get the most out of your website.

Products Added

We’ll take care of all your products, no hassle. Shopify, Amazon and other subscriptions do not upload and setup your shop for you.

Payment Ready

Simple payment gateways to complex integrations with other systems. Our experts will take care of everything.

Search Engine Optimization

Your website is optimized for search engines by our team of expert professionals, ensuring that it ranks at the top of search results in no time.

Web Design Pricing

This is a one time fee to create, design and finalize your website.

Hosting Plans

When ordering a website, you will need to also have a hosting subscription with us.

How It Works

1. Choose Plan

You have the flexibility to choose a monthly campaign that matches your needs and budget.

2. Onboarding

We will have a meeting to know how you want your website to look and what features it should have.

3. Designing

Your website will be designed by our team and you can make revisions until you are happy with it!

4. Enjoy Growth

Enjoy your dream website, that will make and save you money compared to Shopify/Amazon.


How long will it take to make my website?

Most websites we create do not take longer than a month. If you need it expedited, we can work it out.

Do I own my website?

Yes, 100%, you will be in charge of your website and will have admin access.

Can't I make my own website or for cheap?

Cheap or homemade solutions look just like that…
You wouldn’t hire yourself or a cheap contractor to build your own store.
Same with your website, it’s your digital real estate and shop.

Do I need to make two purchases today?

Yes, one payment is for web design, which is a one-time fee, and the second is a subscription for hosting and maintenance.

Why do I need a domain, hosting and maintenance?

The domain is your website’s name: such as

Hosting is our actual server that has your website live for viewers. It is linked to your domain name.

Maintenence is our monthly upkeep of your website, which like a real-life store would need maintenance. (plugins, updates)

Is there a deal if I need multiple websites?

Absolutely, please contact us for bulk orders.



We are here to help.