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What is Celebrity and Influencer Crowdsourcing?

Learn how you can save tons of money, and get viral growth with influencer marketing crowdsourcing.


Digital marketing is constantly evolving, and influencer marketing and celebrity endorsements are the most popular trends. These strategies have changed the way brands connect with their audiences. CAVIAR Social has come up with a new concept of celebrity and influencer crowdsourcing to break through the clutter and provide a fresh approach.

What is Influencer Crowdsourcing?

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Celebrity and influencer crowdsourcing is a strategy that combines the investments of multiple brands (our clients) to source more celebrities and influencers, which gets you more business growth than ever before; while being efficient and affordable. CAVIAR Social, our viral marketing agency, is making use of this strategy by partnering with a network of influencers and celebrities for even better reach and engagement.

Here is an analogy, imagine you are investing in a pre-construction condo or house, that does not exist yet. You invest in the project, with hundreds of other investors, which the condo corporation uses to build the units and homes. You are investing because you know you will have a valuable asset at the end of the construction. Celebrity crowdsourcing is the same, all our clients are invested in our viral celebrity and influencer campaigns which we run globally! That is how we can guarantee large amounts of growth, for a fraction of the cost of working with celebrities solo. Except, unlike real estate, you will get the growth starting in your first month, all the way till the end of our contract!

Traditional Influencer Marketing Is Outdated?

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To begin, let’s talk about why traditional influencer marketing campaigns can be costly before discussing the advantages of this new method. The primary reason for the expense is that companies tend to work with influencers individually. Leading influencers and celebrities, like Kim Kardashian, can demand up to a million dollars per post. Influencers charge a premium price due to their large followings, influence, and perceived brand value. However, relying solely on one influencer can be expensive and risky for smaller businesses and startups.

Growing With CAVIAR

Introducing CAVIAR Social, an innovative viral marketing group. With CAVIAR Social, clients can partner together as a group to hire influencers collectively for an entire year, which significantly reduces costs. This approach can lower costs to as much as 1/50th to 1/100th of the price of working with a single influencer independently. CAVIAR Social can deliver over 10 influencer campaigns every month and guarantees real fans or your money back. This is unlike other agencies that only pitch to influencers; which you have to pay on top for… CAVIAR sources top-tier influencers and celebrities to get your brand or personal page over 1.2 million followers without even having to log into your account!

CAVIAR Social’s approach doesn’t just focus on cost-saving. Rather, the goal is to establish a network of brands that crowdsource influencers and celebrities who have a genuine interest in the endorsed brands, which in turn leads to more engaged audiences and higher conversions. With a diverse group of influencers, more demographics are reached, thereby improving overall marketing efforts.

The crowdsourcing strategy has a promising creative potential. When influencers and celebrities team up for a campaign, their varied perspectives and ideas contribute to more innovative and distinctive campaigns that are likely to connect with audiences amidst the crowded digital landscape.

CAVIAR Social’s approach ensures consistent brand messaging by having multiple influencers echo the same message. This increases the likelihood of consumers remembering the message. This is similar to the marketing principle of repetition, but updated for the digital age. Using celebrity and influencer crowdsourcing is a cost-effective and innovative way to approach influencer marketing and celebrity endorsements. It allows for leveraging the power of group investing to achieve maximum reach, engagement, and return on investment.

Get Started With CAVIAR

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If you want to enhance your marketing strategy, CAVIAR Social can help you tap into the benefits of influencer marketing in a cost-effective way. CAVIAR is leading the way in this revolution and you can take advantage of their services to associate with hundreds of celebrities and influencers, with over 1B+ reach collectively.

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– CAVIAR Social gets you viral growth from influencer campaigns, at 1/50 or 1/100th of the price, by crowdsourcing influencers with other brands.
– The digital marketing world is constantly evolving and influencer marketing and celebrity endorsements have become the most prominent trends.
– CAVIAR Social offers a unique concept of celebrity and influencer crowdsourcing to help brands grow their audiences in a more cost-effective and efficient manner.
– Traditional influencer marketing campaigns can be expensive as many companies choose to work individually with influencers.
– CAVIAR Social collaborates with a network of influencers and celebrities, allowing for a significant reduction in cost and access to their combined reach and influence.
– Their model guarantees up to 10 campaigns every month or offers a money-back guarantee.
– CAVIAR Social’s approach leads to more engaged audiences, higher conversions, and a more diverse demographic reach.
– Multiple influencers echoing the same message ensures more consistent brand messaging.
– Their strategy supports creativity, innovation, and repetition for maximum impact.
– Celebrity and influencer crowdsourcing is a smart, cost-effective, and innovative approach to influencer marketing and celebrity endorsements that maximizes ROI.



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